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Handbook Development or Revisions 

More than a manual. An employee handbook is one of the most important communication tools between a company and its employees. This document serves many purposes – namely, it sets forth employee and employer expectations by delivering information on company policies, procedures, benefits and compensation programs.

Your handbook can also serve as a marketing tool. After all, it introduces your company and its employment and business philosophy to your employees. It is an opportunity to communicate your company culture and what sets your organization apart from other places of employment.

Finally, it establishes clear guidelines. In today’s legally charged work atmosphere, it is important to set forth expectations for your employees and describe, in turn, what they can expect from your organization. Doing so helps your organization defend itself against many employment-related claims brought by employees such as wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment claims.

Kmet Consulting can help you develop or update your employee handbook. We seek to produce a document that is clear and easy to understand.

Development of Policies/Procedures

Having current and strategic policies and procedures in place is vital to an organization’s success. Without written guidelines, a company risks expensive errors, injuries or perhaps even litigation. Developing human resource policies and procedures eliminates uncertainty for employees because it provides them with well-defined guidelines. Kmet Consulting can assist with the development and implementation of tailored policies and procedures for your organization.

Performance Management Systems

Performance Management is much bigger than the annual review. Rather, it is the continuous process of setting clear and specific expectations, assessing progress and providing ongoing feedback and coaching. It is the foundation for employee performance and engagement. Completed in a timely manner with active engagement by all parties, performance management ensures that employees are meeting their career objectives and goals.

Performance Appraisal

A solid performance appraisal not only provides a framework for recognizing an employee’s achievements, but also serves to begin a conversation about new and ongoing performance goals for the upcoming year. Used well, performance appraisals are a powerful motivational tool, engaging employees in the broader vision of the organization. Handled poorly, this annual meeting becomes a waste of time for all parties involved. We help organizations create and implement performance appraisal systems that focus an employee’s attention on the mission, strategy, vision, and values of the organization so they can continue to contribute to its success.


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